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We have a secret...

Have you ever wondered why yoga teachers seem so peaceful?

Let us let you in a little secret about yoga.... it’s AMAZING for your mental well-being.

Science has finally caught up with what ancient yoga practitioners knew all along. Beyond strengthening your body, lungs and heart, you can reap the mental and emotional benefits of regular practice as well.

Some of the main scientifically backed energetic qualities of yoga are improved focus, easing of minor depression and anxiety, lessening experience of chronic pain, improved recovery from addiction, better sleep and overall improved mood.

All of these incredible results come with consistent practice, however, so seize the day and get started on your practice this week.

Don't take our work for it though,

Commit to 2 20 minutes practices each week this month and discover the benefits for yourself

Bottom line: Yoga = stronger body, stronger mind.

Curious about starting a yoga practice? Book a session with Amber and learn how you can have your own personal practice and starting feeling better.

*originally written for Sacred Movement Newsletter.*

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