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5 Secrets to Baby Soft Skin

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Winter is upon us and so is the itchy, flakey, dry skin we all hate. Growing up in Colorado, and being a flight attendant for so long has made me an expert on dealing with a dry climate and I have managed to keep my skin soft for decades. Soft skin, here we come!

1. Drink lots and lots of water. This is a tried and true answer to many a problem including dry skin. Hydrate from the inside out. The rule of thumb is half your weight in ounces. So a 150 lb person should aim to consume 75 ounces of water a day. This can include herbal tea and broth as well.

  1. Not into water so much. Try adding fresh lemon or lime or orange juice to make it more interesting. You can also add hydrating foods to your diet like cucumbers, melons, celery, and bell peppers among others.

If you only do one thing from this list, let it be this one. Water water water!

2. Make your own body scrub with oil. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week in the winter, less if you’re in the sun a lot. Here’s my recipe I have been using for over 10 years.

  1. ½ cup coarse sugar or salt

  2. ¼ cup oil (olive, grape seed, sesame seed, sweet almond oil)

  3. Optional essential oil of choice. I use lavender, tea tree, or lemongrass. I wouldn’t use a citrus oil as it can burn (trust me). Stick with calming oils like ylang ylang or geranium.

Use this scrub in the shower all over the body as much as you can reach. There will be oil left on your skin which works great for shaving, no shaving cream needed. When you towel off pat yourself dry so oil stays on the body or better yet, air dry. Remember to use sunscreen on any areas that will be exposed to sun and if possible use the scrub before bed instead of the morning to allow the oils to seep in.

3. Dry brush. If you don’t want to use the scrub, or maybe you’re on the road you can dry brush instead. Use in a circular motion from the extremities to your trunk and then hop in the shower. There are many added benefits to dry brushing as well, so this is a great self-care step to add in.

4. Body Butter. Even without the scrubs you should for sure include this one. Once out of the shower only pat some of the water off. You should still be relatively damp. Then use a thick body butter. No thin lotions no matter how hydrating they claim to be. Applying it directly after the shower is key here. Even if you have to use the rest of your old lotion, this step can make a big difference. You’ll need a lot less than you’re used to using too, so start of with about a tablespoon for the whole body. Money saver!

Some of my favorites are:

  1. Pacifica body butter.

  2. Andalou body butter

  3. Local crafters. The less ingredients the better.

5. Oil. On days you can hang out in the bathroom awhile, you can use an oil instead of body butter, or indeed before a body butter for maximum moisture. Just use any of the oil listed to make the scrub. Let yourself air dry. Give yourself a massage, do a face mask, and enjoy your YOU time.

Well there you have it. My secrets are out. I hope this cures some of the itchiness this year. If you use one, let me know how it goes. Do you have a dry skin secret I don’t have listed? Let me know!

Amber is an Intuitive Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga instructor. For personalized coaching, reach out for a free Ayurvedic health consultation. Read more on her website:

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