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6 Steps to a Better Morning!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Do you get jolted awake by an obnoxious beeping every day? 

Is your very first interaction with the world a jarring and alarming experience (see what I did there)? Do you wake up groggy, with scratchy eyes, and a sense of dread? Maybe it isn't the side of your bed you wake up on that's the issue. Maybe it is your established routines. I'm sure you are familiar with the old adage that humans are creatures of habit, and for better or for worse, we are. So let's begin by creating healthy routines. Morning, noon and night. This month I'll highlight the morning. I've compiled a lot of options for you to choose from. These come from modern day and ancient scientific data and methods, as well as habits of very successful people. Here we go! How to use this list.

  1. Read through them and mark the ones you are already doing. Congrats! You're already on the right track. 

  2. Then go through and mark the ones you do on occasion. This may be a good place to start since you're a little familiar with the process.

  3. From there no matter how many or how few you've marked, pick 1 or 2 options to incorporate over the next 3 weeks. Just 1 or 2! You may want to do them all, but overwhelming yourself with 5 or 6 new habits is a sure fire way to burn out and stop all of them altogether. Start slow.

  4. After you have successfully incorporated these and they feel habitual, then you can add 1 or 2 more for another 3 weeks and so on. 

  5. Plan for your excuses. I know it is easy to find reasons to not stick to healthy habits. You know yourself best and that is why you know where you will get weak. Plan for when that excuse pops up. 

  6. If you need support implementing any of these ideas, get help. I am available to explain any of them further as well as help you curate a doable plan of action.

How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day. Start it right, it'll be more likely to go smoothly, or at the very least you will be better equipped to handle any not so smooth situations. The  morning routine also starts your day with accomplished goals, boosting your self-esteem. When you finish something right away you'll feel good about yourself and that will certainly change the course of your day.

Ways to start your morning off right. 

  • Wake up 1 hour before you "have to". This gives you a chance to take control of the day instead of it controlling you.

  • Don't look at your phone. NO. Not for that reason either. Don't do it. 

  • Spend a couple moments in bed taking deep belly breaths.

  • Sit up and massage your feet.

  • Make your bed.

  • Elimination (bowels and bladder).

  • Tongue scraping.

  • Brush your teeth.

  • Drink warm water (add juice of 1/2 lemon if you have trouble with the elimination step).

  • Mediate, listen to soothing music, journal on dreams or gratitude or whatever comes up.

  • Light gentle yoga or stretches. 

  • Move you body. Walk outside, run, bike, jumping jacks...

  • Eat a healthy breakfast. Preferably something warm. If you are prone to anxiety, consider limiting caffeinated beverages. 

  • Shower.

  • Now you can look at your phone.

This is a list of examples. A good morning routine will be one you can follow. What would you add to the list?

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