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To help women restore their physical health and repair their relationship with themselves.

To bring BII awareness to the forefront of the conversation about women's health. If I could change the mind of just one woman so that she doesn't get implants, that is a WIN!

Let's spread the love and light together.

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Are you unsure what to do about breast implants? Whether or not to get them taken out or exchanged? Perhaps you are considering putting them in.

Your free checklist will include:

What to consider when deciding on plastic surgery

What you will need for surgery

Pre-sugery diet

Surgery checklist 

Supplement info

and more.



I created Amber All Natural because I believe that every one of us are beautiful. Just as we are.

I didn't always believe that about myself and at 21 got breast implants. Now, 14 years later with a lot of growth and experience, I realize the truth in that statement.

My journey has taken me to the skies as a flight attendant. To IIN as a Health Coach. To the jungles of Costa Rica to find my inner peace. To my Yoga Teaching Course as a Yoga Teacher.

Through that journey have I paired my life back more and more to the basics; eating whole foods, using non-toxic products, moving my body, and slowing down my mind. This process opened me up to being able to really hear my body. It was telling me to get the implants out. How can I be living so naturally on the outside with something so unnatural inside? Residing right next to my heart.

I am now all natural again and able to take a full breath in more than a decade.

All of our bodies are incredible and deserve our attention and care. 

Book a Discovery Call today. Together can figure out what your body has been telling you too.


"I always turn to Amber for health advice. I run all the health articles I find by her to make sure it's actually good for me. She's a great resource to have."

Tiffani W.

"Amber helps keep me accountable, motivated and focused. I am better about following through when I know she'll be asking me about my week."

Mercedes R.

"I love reading Amber's monthly newsletter. The information she shares is reassuring and encouraging. It reaffirms my self-care routines. Especially important during Covid."

Robert S.

"Amber has helped me to better understand how to make healthier swaps when cooking and baking."

Houston W.

Gutsy Gal Intro to Gut Health
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Gutsy Gal Intro to Gut Health



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